Vancouver Island Circumnavigation 2019

Join us as we circumnavigate Vancouver Island

About Vancouver Island Circumnavigation (VIC 2019)

Vancouver Island (VI) is the largest island off the west coast of North America. The roughly 600 nautical mile circumnavigation of VI is typically sailed in a counter-clockwise direction to take advantage of the northwest winds that blow down the west coast of VI.

When sailing VI, we start sailing the east side up towards Port McNeil to the top of VI, with stops in Desolation Sound and the Broughton Archipelago. From Port McNeil, Tula will continue around the top and down the west coast to Tofino, Barley Sound, and back to North Saanich Marina. Each leg of the circumnavigation is filled with beautiful marine life. 

In previous years, we have prioritized sailing the Central Coast. With this year’s VIC 2019 cruise we will be extending our coastal cruising trip for this upcoming year. On each leg of the trip, we will have 2 students join us where we will teach Sail Canada’s Basic Cruising Standard (BCS), Intermediate Cruising Standard (ICS), and CPS Marine Radio (ROCM) courses en route. 

We will be starting our VIC out of Sydney BC in early May 2019 and end in mid-June 2019. Early summer is a more ideal time for cruising as early summer fog can be a problem in July and later. 

Tula with full sail

Countdown to VIC 2019!

VIC 2019 Schedule:

Leg #1: NSM Sidney – Comox – 5 days, BCS and ROCM courses. 

Leg #2: Comox – Desolation Sound – 5 days, BCS and ROCM courses.

Leg #3: Comox – Port McNeil – 5 days, a chance to gain sea time. 

Leg #4: Broughton Archipelago – 5 days, BCS and ROCM courses. 

Leg #5: Port McNeil – Tofino – Uclulet – 10 days, 1CS. 

Leg #6: Barclay Sound – 5 days, a chance to gain sea time. 

Leg #7: Uclulet-NSM Sidney – 5 days, a chance to gain sea time. 

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