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Whether you’re new to sailing or an old hand, our mission is to provide you with a rich and rewarding sailing experience. Our focus is to assist you in learning how to cruise safely on a self-sufficient, well-equipped, and comfortable sailboat. We plan and customize each trip to fit our students before each voyage ensuring everything is perfect for the sail. There is always plenty of leeway to accommodate your interests. 

Tula Sailing

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Tula’s home port is at North Saanich Marina near Sydney, B.C. where some of the world’s most premier cruising grounds are located. 

Tula travels through the Gulf Islands of British Columbia and San Juan Islands in Washington State. 

We encourage our sailors to pack light as space on Tula is limiting. Weather can be variable on the West Coast, so bringing clothing you can layer is ideal. 

Here’s a list of clothing we recommend: 

  • Footwear: Boat shoes, Teva-type sandals or tennis shoes.
  • Clothing: Foul  weather/Rain gear, fleece jacket, long johns or janes, soft-sided duffel bag (not hard-sided luggage).
  • Personal: Sleeping bag (pillow provided), beach towel & facecloth, sunglasses with idiot string and side protection, sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher), toiletries, personal journal, glasses / contact lenses (and spares), special medication, gravol (non-drowsy), and cell phone & charger.
  • Entertainment: CD’s, reading material, and games.
  • Documentation: Current driver’s license, current passport, birth certificate copy, next of kin contact information, PCOC Card, other sailing qualifications (if you have any), sailing logbook (we can provide), evidence of travel insurance coverage, and fishing license if you wish to fish or gather shellfish.

Tula and our crew are devoted to follow environmentally-acceptable practices. 

Here’s how we follow it: 

  • Recycle: We recycle and compost all waste we produce leaving no trace behind or overboard.
  • Engine:  Tula’s diesel engine was rebuilt in 2010 to very high standards preventing smoke and oil drips. 
  • Dry Bilge: Tula’s bilge is completely dry and does not contain any fuel, oil, coolants, and other fluids. 
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products. 
  • Minimize fresh water consumption and use salt water whenever possible. 
  • As keen sailors, we try to sail with the engine off  and take advantage of the wind as often as possible. 
  • Anchor away from marine life to avoid harming reefs, rocks, and marine homes. 
  • All sewage is pumped into forward head holding tank and is disposed of by marine regulations. 

On top of cruising, we pride ourselves on having great meals made from local ingredients. 

On board we catch our own Rockfish and Dungenous Crab. At local markets, we pick up artisan cheese and fresh produce. We enjoy delicious Salt Spring Island Mussels while wine tasting at a local winery. When sailing with Tula, there’s never a shortage of activities to do. 

Our team is happy to customize any dish to your dietary concerns. And, we are happy to show you to some of our favourite pubs and restaurants throughout the islands and at port. At the end of the day, nothing tastes quite as good as a cold beer or a glass of B.C. wine while watching the sun set over the ocean. 

On board the Tula, we take safety as a priority. The vessel and crew safety is always paramount. Prior to sailing, we go over all aspects of safety and everyone on board reviews an extensive safety briefing. All our equipment is regularly tested and serviced. 

Peter has his first aid / medical certification meaning in case there is an issue, he will be equipped with proper training to assess and resolve the issue. 

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