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Visiting the Humpback Whales of Maui, Hawaii
Whales, dolphins, and porpoises, commonly called cetaceans, are fascinating creatures having evolved from land mammals over 60 million years while developing remarkable adaptations to enable them to live throughout the world’s oceans. We have been lucky to have spent the last week on the island of Maui, Hawaii, while SV Tula continues to have her...
Female helming the boat
Why We Cruise?
Salt, sand & seawater - the reasons we are drawn to the sea. Sailing off into the sunset certainly has a romantic connotation… the thought of waves dancing joyously against the hulls of the boat as you skip along the surface of the wide blue yonder, with sparkling gems of salt spray lightly kissing your...
Tula with full sails
First Steps Towards A Cruising Life
Students approach TULASailing daily to discuss how to become a qualified sailor. In this blog, we outline the steps it takes and how you can become an expert sailor.
Tula at anchor
So You Want to Sail Away? Preparing For Our Vancouver Island Circumnavigation
Preparing For Our Vancouver Island Circumnavigation (VIC 2020) As we sit through the winter months dreaming of fleeing our busy everyday lives, we can’t help but think about sailing away from reality into the warmth of a British Columbia summer. We imagine meeting a pod of porpoises or orcas. We can see waterfalls lining the...
Sequin Crew with Snapper
Guest Post: 1 Week Aboard TULA
Amie Renaud recounts her exciting week sailing across the Straight of Georgia aboard Tula. The best way to describe a week sailing on Tula is being in a state of complete bliss. You are truly oblivious to everything else but the wind, the waves and the sea. -Amie Renaud Do you ever get that urge...
Searching For the Elusive Spirit Bear
Cruising BC’s Central Coast on Tula Let’s face it, we love cruising BC’s Central Coast on our sailboat SV Tula. These remote cruising grounds are an uncrowded paradise with great sailing conditions, unparalleled scenery and spectacular wildlife both on land and in the ocean. While on board SV Tula, we regularly see black bears feeding...