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Tula students
Tranquility Base: This is Tula Calling
The Pleasures of Extended Coastal Cruising on BC’s West Coast Dawn is gradually colouring the Eastern sky and a little fog is rolling in. Tula is safely alone at anchor, deep inside a maze of small islets near Darby Channel on our Central Coast. After a quiet night, we are up before the birds and...
George Straight Whales
Meeting Cetaceans on Tula
One of Our World’s Remaining Treasures Few animals on earth give us such a sense of wonder and excitement as whales, dolphins and porpoises, collectively called ‘cetaceans’. When sailing in the Gulf Islands, our boat Tula provides a luxurious viewing platform for our frequent meetings with these Piscean creatures. In seeing whales, we also feel a real...
Tula sailing
Cruising in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf
Cruising in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf: Every Sailor’s Dream During March 2011 we were fortunate to be on charter down in New Zealand. The Hauraki Gulf was the venue for two America’s Cup challenges and is famous for it’s consistent winds, clear waters and well-developed marine industry. Hauraki in Maori means ‘North Wind’. Kiwi sailors are...
Appeasing Poseidon And Neptune – Why We Like Tula’s Name
When we acquired Tula in April 2004 there were two important deities that we did not wish to possibly offend by renaming our new vessel. A condition of the purchase was that our boat’s name remained the same.   Poseidon is the Greek God of the Sea and a fairly ripped dude. According to legend, he is...
Tula with Mt Baker
Postcard from The Inshore
Captain Jose Maria Narvaez Lunched Here…Maybe! Narvaez Bay, British Columbia  N48 46.495  W123 06.112 The voyage had been difficult. Rowing the Santa Saturnina was not easy when the crew was stricken with scurvy; many were either dead or nearly dead. The task of probing and mapping the deeply indented coastline to find the entrance to...