Boat Preparation

Tula at anchor
So You Want to Sail Away? Preparing For Our Vancouver Island Circumnavigation
Preparing For Our Vancouver Island Circumnavigation (VIC 2020) As we sit through the winter months dreaming of fleeing our busy everyday lives, we can’t help but think about sailing away from reality into the warmth of a British Columbia summer. We imagine meeting a pod of porpoises or orcas. We can see waterfalls lining the...
Tula students having fun
Being Boarded
It was a few winters ago and Andy and I were travelling on Tula from Victoria BC to a whale conference near Port Townsend, Washington. Andy is a member of the Canadian Forces and as a navy guy, has many years of naval experience in all parts of the world and is at home on...
Vancouver Island storm
Protecting Your Sailboat from the Pineapple Express
Keeping Your Boat and Crew Safe While Cruising BC’s West Coast We enjoy cruising British Columbia’s West Coast on our sailboat Tula. We sail the Coast during most seasons of the year. Our wonderful cruising-grounds extend from the bottom of Puget Sound up the Salish Sea to Canada’s border with Alaska. During our sailing courses, we...